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Scotland sharpens up inventory provision

publication date: Oct 5, 2009
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Dominic Bargeton, PinstripePinstripe Property Services has become the first Scottish company to receive accreditation from The Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP), creating a new inventory service for clients. The accreditation ensures that the company complies with the APIP’s recognised standard of inventory.

Business development manager, Dominic Bargeton said: “During this time of financial instability, more and more people are choosing to rent properties; the importance of precise and detailed inventory reports is essential in ensuring maintaining the integrity of your property and its contents.

"While an inventory is not a legal requirement, it is strongly recommended. Landlords are unable to prove damage to a property without an inventory. Receiving accreditation from the APIP is a fantastic achievement for Pinstripe Properties and increases the quality of service we provide. We recognised the growing need for clients to outsource their inventory work as they focus on other parts of their business. APIP accreditation is both beneficial for the way Pinstripe conducts inventories and reassures clients.”

Pinstripe Properties will also be the only company in Scotland to produce inventory reports using full graphic, interactive touch screen tablets. The inventory software allows for tenants signatures to be embedded into the report at check-ins as well a digital photography on a same day turnaround.