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New iPhone property apps

publication date: Nov 19, 2009
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iPhoneThe iPhone is turning looking for property on its head, with the prospective buyer simply finding streets and areas they like and letting the property details of lets and sales come to them. Property hunters will be seen wandering around streets holding mobile phones rather than going into local estate agents. The new technology further strengthens the importance of the property portals in the whole buying/renting process – if you've got an iPhone of course...

Two new 'apps' are out this week. has launched an iPhone application to help agents and property buyers get comparable valuations while they are out and about. It’s one of those ‘how did we manage before’ moments – getting the sold prices of properties in any given location used to be slow and expensive. The internet has made it free and much faster, now this app makes it instant as well; wherever you are. The app is £2.99. Follow this link to download or see Mouseprice.

Also launching this week for the iPhone is, which locates property for sale and rent using your current physical location, but is web-based (and free) rather than a downloadable 'app'. is one of the biggest property apps in the UK and Europe – and uniquely shows you what properties are for sale or for rent around your current geographical position using location aware GPS technology built into the iPhone.

This is one of the first web-based property apps to utilise the new 'geo location' (location aware) functionality of the iPhone. The site launched in the UK yesterday, Germany today, Italy on Friday and Spain on Monday. The application is web-based which means users do not have to download the application from Apple’s 'App Store'.
has been developed by mobile developers Internetics. Internetics Director Clive France says, “The application is very easy to use and is a dream come true for property hunters. I was driving through an area a few months ago, liked it and thought wouldn’t it be useful if I could simply click a button on my iPhone and see what property was for sale around me.”

The application draws in aggregated listings from major property portals in the UK and Europe, creating one of the biggest mobile property sites in the world. Property Near Me is available immediately, and completely free of charge to use.

Rightmove also has an iPhone app which is free to download and shows the properties for sale radiating out from your location. To see and download it, click here.