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Quest’s ‘Best Mortgage Anti-Fraud Measure’

publication date: Nov 30, 2009
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James Sherwood-RogersQuest has won the ‘Best Anti- Fraud Measure’ award at Mortgage Finance Gazette’s annual ceremony.

Quest’s Q-Guard fraud detection and prevention tool intelligently analyses cases using a broad range of data to pinpoint potential fraudulent risks at the point of the mortgage valuation, prior to funds being released. Alerts are distributed to the lender so the case can be inspected before it proceeds.

James Sherwood-Rogers (pictured), MD of Quest said; “This award is a fantastic achievement for everyone involved in Q-Guard’s evolution. We have been working closely with risk managers, lenders and surveying teams across the industry to develop Q-Guard to ensure the market is supported by an intelligent software tool that not only detects mortgage fraud, but also helps deter fraudsters.”