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Clever airbrick reduces condensation

publication date: Sep 29, 2009
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AirbrickTis the season for condensation… and tenants moving because they don’t like mould on walls, ceilings, floors etc. But the Passyfier Dehumidifier Vent may be the answer.

The airbrick allows the trapped water vapour in a room to escape without the dreaded draught. Passyfier Vent takes advantage of the vapour pressure difference you get from September to May. The advantage of the Passyfier Vent is that its draught free membrane is rot and vermin proof but still allows the trapped water vapour to escape hence reducing humidity levels. So no mould.

The Condensation Shop make it and the range includes colours, metric to imperial air brick converters and fungicidal wash. All products are offered on next day delivery. There’s a brochure enclosed with the current issue of Propertydrum.

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