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Housing registration figures remain flat

publication date: Jan 2, 2013
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New housing registration figures from NHBC have revealed a flat housing market across the UK.

There were 28,151 new homes registered across all sectors for Q3 2012, compared to 30,039 in the previous year, representing a slight drop of 6 per cent. Broken down, the Plannerprivate sector experienced a 7 per cent decline, with social housing numbers down 5 per cent against Q3 2011 figures.

However, the latest Q3 figures revealed a 9 per cent increase in registrations compared to Q2 (April – June; 25,798).
Richard Tamayo, NHBC Commercial Director, said, “Recent measures announced by the Government are desperately needed but their success will only be realised Wellerthrough a collaborative effort between the industry and government. This will hopefully have a positive effect on the stagnation of overall housing levels in the UK.”