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Technology tangles

publication date: Jan 2, 2013
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With more users accessing property details via their mobile phone, presenting property details in a mobile friendly way can be an important asset for any agent’s business.

Even the greatest websites can be difficult to navigate on a four inch screen. Mobile users require information in easy to navigate, bite-sized chunks.

But if an iPhone app sounds like a good idea, what about clients with Android and Windows phones?

Is a mobile website more important than an app? And with so many phone variations, how do you cater for the widest possible mobile audience?

Website development agency propertyLab has launched a new service called propertyMobi that provides agents with the simple answer “all of the above”.

Mitchel Annable of propertyLab, says, “Our approach to the mobile site vs app debate is very simple. Firstly we create a mobile and tablet website that can be accessed by all smartphones, tablets, and e-readers and that looks and performs like a native app. The mobile and tablet sites are then converted into iphone and android apps and deployed to the relevant app stores; reaching the widest audience possible very economically.”

The mobile property details are imported and updated automatically from an agents existing property database so no manual maintenance is required. propertyMobi is running a 6 in 1 launch offer of £495+VAT for a mobile site, tablet site, iphone app, ipad app and the android equivalents.