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publication date: Oct 4, 2011
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Standing outside his own agency’s window,  Jeremy Boileau Wright of Boileaus Estate Agents in Barnes, realised that first impressions make all the difference to your clients’ perception to your firm. He decided that he really needed to revamp the appearance of his display.

Wanting a more contemporary window display which would really stand out, he chose Fairfield Displays & Lighting after a visit to their showroom in Fleet, which was a real eye opener and an excellent opportunity to see the very latest developments in LED illuminated window displays and to discuss ideas with Fairfield.

“Once I saw the equipment, I was able to get a really good idea of what my windows could look like. Fairfield created several lifelike visuals and this enabled me to select an ideal concept for us. The use of A3 landscape graphics has certainly helped to promote our more expensive properties,” said Jeremy.

“Customers do a double take as they walk pass the window as it is so bright. I have been stopped by clients in the street who have said how attractive our new window display is and I am delighted. We are certainly the most prominent estate agent at night.” 

The same concept has now been rolled out to the White Hart Lane office in Little Chelsea.