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Team’s new directors

publication date: Sep 18, 2011
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Clive Bryant, Marketing Director, TeamTeam has announced two appointments to its National Executive Committee. Clive Bryant(right), of Chapplins in Fareham, Chairman of Team’s South Hants consortium, is named the Association’s new Marketing Director, replacing Andy Pounsberry who has held the post for more than 10 years. Meanwhile, Ray Casling (below), of Caslings in Torquay, Vice Chairman of WestCountry Team, takes over as Recruitment Director from Jason Baker.

Ray Casling, Recruitment Director, TeamClive has worked in the property business in Hampshire for 25 years, opening his current office 10 years ago and joining Team at the same time. He has ambitious plans to significantly develop Team’s marketing and communications strategies, particularly in the sphere of social media. “At difficult times like these,” he says, “we not only need to consistently deliver cutting edge support to our members, but we also need to ensure that we effectively communicate the very real benefits of Team membership to the wider audience of independent agents.”

Ray is a veteran of 42 years in the business across the South West. He started his own business in Torquay in 1995, buying an existing Team office, and kept up the membership. He is conducting a major review of Team’s new member recruitment strategy, but retention will also be a key focus of his efforts. “Right now, it’s fair to say that survival is the name of the game for most agents, we as an association really need to focus on providing the maximum support for our existing members, helping them in every possible way to deal with a very tough market.”