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Government decision to release land for 100,000 new homes

publication date: Aug 30, 2011
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Housing Minister Grant ShappsThe Government has announced plans to release enough public land to build 100,000 new homes by 2015. Housing Minister Grant Shapps announced that each department with significant landbanks will publish plans by the autumn to release thousands of acres of previously-developed land to housebuilders.

It is hoped that by the autumn, The Public Expenditure Committee will go through every department’s plans in detail to ensure every possible site is made available in the hope of creating much needed new homes.

Although the industry applauded the decision as a whole, the HBF stressed that other issues such as problems with the planning system and mortgages still need to be looked at and addressed.

Other Government initiatives include CLG’s plans to release more land under its Build Now, Pay Later scheme, which means housebuilders only pay for the land once work has started on the new homes.