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Polo mints and ponies

publication date: Aug 26, 2011
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Robert Bartlett, CEO of Chesterton HumbertsChesterton Humberts was the property sponsor of this year’s annual ‘Polo in the Park’ event at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham and members of the team played host to a number of clients and contacts from their sponsors tent on the first day of action on Friday.

MINT Polo in the Park had returned to Hurlingham Park in Fulham for the third year with Chesterton Humberts as the property sponsors.

Six teams, each representing global cities, played Twenty20 style Polo where the traditional rules have been adapted to create a high octane, fast moving and dynamic sport for spectators.

“For city dwellers, MINT Polo in the Park has secured its place on the summer social calendar alongside prestigious events like Wimbledon and Royal Ascot,” says Robert Bartlett (right), CEO of Chesterton Humberts, “Once the exclusive preserve of the aristocracy and still the Sport of Kings, polo has become more accessible. We are pleased to be supporting the renaissance of polo at the origins of its foundation at the Hurlingham Club.”

Robert Sturges, director of Chesterton Humberts’ three offices in Fulham, said “MINT Polo in the Park has raised Fulham’s profile amongst international audiences adding a frisson of polo’s glamour to the area.