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High profile product launch

publication date: Aug 11, 2010
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PDPROPERTYdrum was recently treated to a private view of The Letting Bureau’s new letting, management and client accounting system that will launch at the PROPERTYdrum and NALS Conference on 21 September.

It’s all under wraps at the moment but the outline information is that to run the whole system you need only a computer, printer and a broadband connection. The software is free. The software maintenance is free. The upgrades are free. Support is free. You pay only £10.00 per user per month plus a modest pay per click charge for the items that you use.

If you are under contract to another supplier, The Letting Bureau says that they will make no monthly user charges until your present contract expires, up to a maximum of nine months.

From our demo, it seems very easy to learn and operate without any training, it’s extremely fast and intuitive, the software seems to know what the user is thinking. Come to the NALS/PROPERTYdrum Conference on 21 September to learn more.