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SMART Marketing Particulars

publication date: Jun 28, 2010
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eTechWhen iSold were looking for a complete mobile working solution, they came to eTech, the market leading handheld PDA software provider. Over the last six years, eTech has developed a suite of PDA based applications, all focussed on delivering efficiency and consistency to the core tasks when listing a property for sale or letting.

David Driver, a Director at eTech explains. “We had a simple goal – to enable one person in a single visit to collect all the data and materials required to list a property from the PDA. In addition, we wanted to remove most, if not all, of the back end processing required to collate the components of the listing.” For sales listing this is achieved with eTech’s SMART Marketing Particulars application which uses the PDA to complete the EPC, the floor plan, and to dictate or compile the narrative description.

Photos are taken with a full digital SLR camera and the images transferred by inserting the camera’s SD card into the PDA. SMART Marketing Particulars also enables photos to be labelled with the room names from the floor plan. Everything is uploaded from the PDA to eTech’s servers via the PDA’s GPRS phone or WiFi connection.

David comments, “The functionality in SMART Marketing Particulars was originally developed for eTech’s existing 1500 DEA clients who were looking to offer an expanded range of services. We are now seeing more estate agents taking up our software for use by their own internal listing teams.”

When used by an independent DEA, SMART Marketing Particulars automatically generates an email to the agent client. The email contains the narrative description, the rendered floor plan and thumbnail images of the marketing photos. The agent can then download the high-resolution images by simply clicking on the thumbnails in the email. David notes, “Where agents are using our software internally, we generally undertake the integration of our systems with our client’s systems at our own cost.”

Three of the UKs leading EPC providers, CR Energy, GEM and Evolve Partnership use SMART Marking Particulars to offer EPCs, floor plans and property descriptions nationwide. To manage the workload they also use eTech’s SMART Work Manager system, a web-based platform which automatically allocates jobs to the PDAs in the field. David Brierley at Evolve says, “The biggest benefit is the automation of the whole process.”

Your Move, one of the UK’s largest estate agency networks, trained a number of its branch staff to become DEA’s towards the end of 2007 to ensure that it was best placed to serve the needs of its customers within the sales and rental markets. Programme Manager Rob Childs comments, “eTech’s software saves our staff time whilst carrying out the EPC and it also enables many other applications, such as floor plan software, to be produced whilst on-site.”

On the lettings front, eTech developed SMART Inventory which gathers the data on the PDA required to automatically create an Ingoing and Outgoing Inventory report of the contents and the condition of the property. The system uses the PDA’s on-board camera to gather photographic evidence, supplemented with pre-formatted text options. The assessment is transmitted to eTech via Wi-Fi. The SMART Inventory report generates automatically and is published on-line to eTech’s Inventory Portal.

Looking to the future, David is excited by the improving range of mobile handheld hardware coming onto the market both from Apple and its competitors. The value of mobile working solutions is only set to increase.

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