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Government suspends HIPs

publication date: May 19, 2010
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On May 20 the Government suspended HIPs ending speculation over ‘when’, not ‘if’ the measure would be introduced. Housing Minister Grant Shapps announced it with an air of finality, saying, “Today the new government is ensuring that Home Information Packs are history.” He went on, “By suspending Home Information Packs today, it means that home sellers will be able to get on with marketing their home without having to shell out hundreds of pounds upfront.”
“We are committed to greener housing, so from now on all that will be required will be a simple energy performance certificate,” he added. This must be done within 28 days of putting a home on the market. The news was welcomed by the property industry, which has long called for an end to the pack. Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the NAEA, said of the swiftly implemented measure, “It will be greeted enthusiastically by both the housing market and buyers.”