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Fancy buying a game park?

publication date: Mar 9, 2010
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Zorgvliet game farm auction
The South African Zorgvliet Group has launched an online auction platform, One of the launch products for auction is the 1,000 hectare game farm within the Ka’Ingo Private Game Reserve, the farm has its own title and benefits from all the advantages of the bigger unique Ka’Ingo reserve. CEO of The Zorgvliet Group, Mac Van der Merwe has identified the reality of the demands of the savvy and informed post credit crunch consumer as, ‘I want it now, I want more value and I want it at my price point.’ He says, “In 2010, the shared vacation ownership industry, like many others will have to adapt to these aggressive new challenges. More efficient operations, additional offerings and lower sales costs all contribute to this.”