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Estate Agents On Film – in HD!

publication date: Feb 15, 2010
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Estateagentsonfilm's filming in actionIt’s not often we come across a truly new and original way to market a property, but seems to have achieved just that. TV producer, David Varley, is behind the idea. “Three years ago we came up with the concept of using professional TV cameramen to film properties for estate agents. We’ve one in every city in the UK. Normally that would be hundreds of pounds.”

The service has been trialled by ten agents in Yorkshire and the feedback has been phenomenal, according to David. The agents’ properties are professionally shot and a film produced which is then linked to, and appears within, the agent’s site. A TV-quality advert costs just £150.

For special properties, you can upgrade and pay more to have a professional ‘name’ TV presenter to front the videos if required and a two man crew shoot your property.

Another feature offered is a area location film, again a TV-quality presentation of an agent’s town, or location to give the public a feel of the area. This is then shown on the agent’s site. The question is, why hasn’t anyone done this before?

The answer is that it couldn’t be done. David Varley and colleagues have developed new technology to allow HD-quality streamed video to work within the environment of the agent’s own website. The result is effectively a HD television advert, but shown on an agent’s website.

Backing up the service is another innovation – E-films – agent-branded email letters which contain embedded video links to the HD property films. The agent can send these out to clients who just click the link to see the high quality film of a property. They make posted leaflets seem archaic., who have been using E-films, say instructions have doubled since introducing them.

For more information call 0113 237 1948, or for a demo: