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Virtual tours at affordable price

publication date: Jan 19, 2010
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The MobileAgent's panoramic cameraA new virtual tour package has been launched which lets agents offer virtual tours to all of their clients in a cost-effective, simple way. It turns what used to be a long and expensive process, often involving using a subcontractor or investing thousands in training and equipment, into an affordable one-click solution.

The Mobile Agent Virtual Tours is so simple that agents can offer a virtual tour for every property as part of their service, at little or no extra cost to clients. An ordinary- looking digital compact camera takes a panoramic photo of a room with a single click. It doesn’t need any special equipment, photographic experience or training – you simply stand in the corner and take one picture. It’s not a 360° video, but gives almost the same result from one viewpoint.

When back at the office, you upload your photos to a server which hosts the tours, and you’re given a web link to paste into your site as part of the property details. Ideally, you will also create a floorplan drawing which can be uploaded to complement the virtual tour. The system works with any floorplan drawing software, not just The Mobile Agent’s.

The camera costs just £199, plus £35 per month subscription charge (excluding VAT). For more information, call The Mobile Agent on 08458 678 222 or go online to