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Estate agents launch Radar Homes website

publication date: Dec 17, 2009
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Since, the new property portal, launched at the beginning of November over 270 offices across the South West region have signed up. They will become a part of a new online marketing service for estate agents, based in the South West region.

Managed by a team of experienced estate agents and IT specialists, offers an alternative to the national portals by offering estate agents in the South West the opportunity to take a stake in their own future internet marketing.

When career estate agents Mark Flynn, Julian Partridge and Jon Williams announced the launch of Radar Homes South West Ltd and their plans to build a region by region property portal, the news certainly struck a chord within the industry. Not only did tongues start wagging, but phones started ringing and the Radar Homes office in Exeter was inundated with calls from estate agents not only based in the South West, but as far afield as Manchester.
The team at Radarhomes recently commissioned their first TV ad, which will air in the South West region from the middle of Jan 2010. Support seems strong with agents as far afield as Bristol and north Somerset responding to a 'call to arms' to build and fully capitalise on the potential behind a property website owned and run by estate agents for estate agents.

Andy Goundry of Goundry Pearce based in Truro, Cornwall commented, “I believe that if we don’t support this opportunity at this stage we would severely regret having missed out. I can see only positives and feel that will be of significant benefit to all agents who support it. We will be one of those.”

Mark Flynn, Managing Director of Radarhomes comments, "The listings that agents have are of great value to the agent in both content and volume, especially when they work together as a united group. At present agents provide the content that enriches property portals but are in turn charged for the privilege of doing so with no future financial reward coming back to them, therefore the agents are ‘feeding the hand that bites them'."

The property portal is presently dedicated to properties in the South West but has plans to expand into other regions in the future.