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The Poshest Squatters in Town

publication date: Dec 14, 2009
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If you can't afford a home in Belgravia, fear not. Apparently it is OK to find an empty mansion and ‘squat' it. Much cheaper than renting, much, much cheaper than buying, although security of tenure is a bit of an issue.

The latest home for a group of serial squatters known as the Belgravia Squatters is a £3million mansion in Eaton Square. A spokesman for the squatters, documentary maker Mark Guard says that this squat is part of their campaign to force wealthy owners to "squat proof" their homes.

He said the group only squats legally in properties that had been empty for weeks. "We are going to target the properties if these owners don't make sure they are squat proof. There are some 312 properties that are lying empty in Belgravia. We are sending a message out to say, if you don't look after your home... these guys will take it over."