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How to get your listings on Google

publication date: Nov 13, 2009
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Do you Google? Of course you do. For most people, Google is their main search engine, it is an incredibly powerful advertising tool, so agents need to see their website coming up in as many searches as possible. Thesaurus Technology have developed TwinList™ which helps to help maximise the exposure of agents' property listings in Google.

TwinList™ is a feature of Universal, the sales and lettings management software from Thesaurus, that enables your property listings to be visible on your own website and property portals such as Rightmove and Findaproperty, but also enables all your properties to be highly visible in a normal Google search.
TwinList™ is very straight forward in how it works. We take the property data input into Universal and reformat it into a number of web pages, each optimised for use by Google.

Google is notified electronically every day about any new or changed pages so that its data collection programs (spiders) can come along and harvest the property details. These pages will then be included in the Google index. When a property hunter for example, types into Google:   ‘4 bedroom semi in Andover’, Thesaurus customers’ properties matching the description in the Andover area appear in the returned Google search.

The pages displayed by clicking on the returned links, not only have the full property details displayed, including images, but they also have prominent hyperlinks back to the Agent’s website. This enables the property hunter to view the full portfolio of properties the agent has available, and also makes them aware of the agent’s website for future reference.

Google results page
The TwinList feature brings those property searchers (for sales and lettings) straight into your website, very simple, very useful. Once on your site, the Universal software provides a property search tool that allows end users to search your property portfolio on your own website - and on property portals. The property search has a number of ‘favourite’ features such as geo search, email a friend, request a viewing, slide show, and EPCs and it also supports virtual tours and floorplans.

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