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Government's mortgage scheme helps just six families

publication date: Jul 7, 2009
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Just six families in England have been helped by the government's mortgage rescue scheme, a minister has admitted.
The Government’s £200million mortgage rescue scheme was launched in January to help vulnerable families who are at risk of repossession to stay in their homes.

Newly appointed Housing Minister John Healey has admitted that the initiative has not done too well but he said that the people most at risk will be able to get help more quickly in future.

"To make sure families are getting the support they need, I can confirm that from next month a new central team will operate to manage and fast-track the cases of those most at risk of repossession," he said.

The Government says that as well as the six families for whom the threat of repossession has been completely lifted, a further 200 have received interim support while another 295 cases are currently being considered.
Meanwhile it seems that the vast majority of people who have asked for help have been told they are not eligible for the scheme which was supposed to help up to 6,000 households facing repossession.

Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps said "It is time he realised that what people who are in danger of losing their home want is action not slogans."

Lib Dem spokesman Vince Cable said the UK faced a repossessions "crisis" unless the government did more to help mortgage holders. "The government's scheme appears to involve a five-month process, which is quite extraordinary."