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Licensing for lettings agents

publication date: May 7, 2009
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Confusion and comment abounds as ARLA launches its licensing scheme for its members. Agents who are not currently members wonder whether they should join so that they are licensed and gain extra business. Agents who are already members wonder whether they are already licensed by virtue of being a member. Both members and non-members are now wondering whether the proposed government licensing/regulation of letting agents will do the same job for significantly less money.

Yes, the ARLA scheme appears to put them ahead of the game, but what is the difference between Mr A, the longstanding ARLA member, who has taken his ARLA exams and ensured his staff are also qualified, has PI insurance, belongs to the Ombudsman scheme and registers all his tenancy deposits, Mr B, the new recruit, signing up just so he is ‘licensed’ but not yet entrenched in the best practice regime, and Mr C, the hardworking, honest, ethical agent who has served his landlords for 30 years and never belonged to any organisation?

It’s an interesting topic; we’d like to hear from anyone who fits into the A, B or C categories. That should be a quite a number of you!