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Property in Spain still selling

publication date: Apr 17, 2009
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Property in SpainWe have all seen that Bulgaria, Cyprus and Turkey, have been turning heads and attracting the attention of house hunters searching for a home abroad. However, the ‘big boom’ that these countries once experienced is now starting to dwindle. 

Nevertheless, throughout it appears that Spain is continuing to attract the attention of house hunters in search of sun. Figures released by Taylor Woodrow de España show that interest in its properties has almost trebled during the last six months, indicating that it takes more than the current environment to dampen house hunters spirits. 

Victor Sague, Marketing Director of Taylor Woodrow de España comments: “Over the past six months Taylor Woodrow de España has been receiving an increasing number of enquiries regarding purchasing a home in Spain. Indeed, whilst countries like Bulgaria and Cyprus experienced a ‘boom’ in the past, many people who purchased a home in one of these countries are now struggling to sell them due to a lack of real demand. 

“In my opinion Spain is the European equivalent of the sunshine state ‘Florida’. Spain offers a number of significant advantages: good weather, divine food, low crime rates, close proximity and fabulous coasts and mountains. With all of this on your doorstep, in little under two hours, it is of little wonder that people are continuing to opt for Spain!”