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Landlord Action – a service to landlords with bad tenants

publication date: Apr 24, 2006
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Bad tenants mean fast action and (they claim!) no one is faster or more cost effective than Landlord Action. 

Founded six years ago by a multiple landlord and a property law expert the company is the original fixed fee tenant eviction service for England and Wales. Landlord Action has recovered properties from prostitution and drug dealing, from sub-letting and massive overcrowding, from serial bad tenants and seriously big rent arrears. 

The staff at LLA know how to help stressed, angry landlords being ripped off by tenants who won’t pay their rent, and by solicitors who don’t understand the urgency of the situation. Landlords can call LLA at any time during office hours on 0870 765 2005 and won’t have to pay extra for the advice and sympathy – that is completely free of charge. The original LLA Three Step procedure to getting rid of a bad tenant is fixed fee so everyone knows what the costs are before work starts. Their website, explains everything in language everyone can understand. 

Recommended by the National Landlords Association, the National Federation of Residential Landlords, the Southern Private Landlords Association and the Residential Landlords Association, the company is regularly featured on television, radio and in the national press. 

Landlord Action’s three simple steps to ensure a positive outcome to bad tenant problems. 

Step1: Cost £115 inclusive of VAT 

Within 48 hours of instruction a notice is served, in person, to your problem tenant.In six out of 10 cases this is the only action required.The tenant has 14 days to act on Step 1. If they pay or leave no further action is required. If they don’t it’s Step 2. 

Step 2: £565 inclusive of VAT 

A solicitor approved by Landlord Action issues proceedings. A court hearing date is set and a barrister instructed. He appears before a judge to obtain the possession order. If the tenant doesn’t act on the court’s order, it’s Step 3. 

Step 3: £198 inclusive of VAT 

It’s an obstinate tenant who doesn’t leave by a date set by a court, so Landlord Action arranges for court bailiffs to remove your tenant, and you get your property back. LLA co-director Johnathan Chippeck says: “Obviously, landlords hope they will never need our services, and most of the time property investment goes well. It certainly has for me. But there are always going to be rogue tenants and when they occur it’s essential to act fast and minimise the losses. We’ve had landlords turn to us who have already incurred rental losses of up to £32,000 because they haven’t acted quickly. They get duped, they believe the tenant’s sob stories; then they go to a solicitor who doesn’t appreciate the urgency of the situation. 

“We do, because we’ve been there. We know that landlords want us to act fast, to provide them upfront with the costs, and to get a result.”