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Virtual property viewing

publication date: Aug 15, 2007
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homenavLMS, one of the largest HIP providers in the country plans to change the way we buy and sell property with their homenav platform allowing estate agents to transform their websites. Built on Microsoft Virtual Earth technology, LMS homenav goes one step further using layering software, high tech mapping and aerial photography to enable buyers to view properties for sale online from various angles. Alongside groundbreaking visual tools, the software integrates additional functions that provide information tabs on the property, allowing potential buyers to download a HIP for the property or view key facts about the surrounding area at the click of a mouse.

LMS homenav can be added to an agent’s website and incorporates various search functions so that property listings may be searched by type, status (e.g. for sale, under offer), number of bedrooms and property value. It provides details on the distance of the property from amenities like supermarkets, airports and public transport networks and from other local points of interest. It can also provide facts on projected population growth, average income for the area and details on schools such as OFSTED reports. In addition to providing access to HIPs online, homebuyers will also be able to access information about council tax bandings, conveyancing costs (for buying the property) and energy efficiency ratings (taken by Domestic Energy Assessors), allowing them to assess realistically how costly a home will be to run and enhancing the saleability of the property.

The revolutionary homenav service will be provided on a free trial basis to estate agencies until December 31 2007. Dominic Toller, Director of Marketing and New Business at LMS, commented “LMS developed homenav in response to the requirement for HIPs. We can produce HIPs in as little as 5 working days, and this builds upon our expertise as a provider to form a technological solution that incorporates HIPs as part of a more satisfying property search experience for homebuyers.

“This offers estate agencies an innovative way of showcasing properties on their books online with direct links from their agency website. Customers have been able to use online searches to narrow down their list of top properties for several years. However, homenav takes this a step further by integrating high definition 3-D visuals and “bird’s eye” aerial imagery which will set a new standard for customer service and allow estate agents to offer a superior property-search tool to homebuyers. “At LMS, we provide the demographic data and HIP information estate agents need in a timely, convenient and economical manner. homenav has transformed the way that we do this in a dynamic and revolutionary way. It significantly reduces the legwork involved in buying and selling homes for estate agents and their clients, not only making the process a whole lot easier, but also more exciting – homenav is the future of the residential property market in the UK.”