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New website aimed at the renovation industry

publication date: May 26, 2006
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renovatePotential purchasers are increasingly reliant on the internet, and information needs to be relevant and specific. is a site dedicated to the renovation industry, starting with finding a suitable property.

“We often hear from property developers desperate to source suitable projects in their chosen areas. These are busy people who do not have time to trawl through websites covering all types of properties, or search for estate agents or suppliers in an area that they may not live in,” explains managing director Timothy Schraider. “So we set up the website specifically for the renovation industry”.

What marks renovation-nation out from other renovation websites is that it’s free to use; no monthly subscription charges.

The information is structured so that property developers can drill down to easily sort through what’s on the market. Properties are categorised into redecoration, modernisation and full refurbishment. Giving this kind of guide to condition helps developers find suitable projects, and weeds out potential timewasters. Visitors can also search for a particular period or style, value, area, and whether or not the building is listed.

“By enabling developers to search on these key areas, they find exactly what they want – and more importantly, want what they find”, says Timothy. “This is key to a quick and successful sale.” The website also offers information beyond simply searching for a property. Visitors can search through listings of useful suppliers for all stages of renovation, from funding the project to sourcing materials, through to letting or selling the property once renovation is complete. Links to useful price-guide websites enable developers to calculate likely profit margins.

Properties remain on the site for up to six months, or until they are sold. Prices start at £14.99 per property, reducing to just £10.99 per property if adding more than ten per month. “We recognise that these types of properties do not make up the vast bulk of an estate agent’s portfolio at any given time, so have structured our pricing accordingly,” says Timothy.

Properties can be added directly to the site, and do not require any specialist knowledge or software. Estate agents retain control over their property advertisements, and can edit them at any point. This means the site can react quickly to price changes.

“We believe that by advertising directly to potential renovators, estate agents can save themselves a considerable amount of time. These no-chain purchasers, who are able to see beyond aesthetics and visualise potential are quick to snap up opportunities far quicker than people looking for a ready-to-go family home. They are not deterred by survey revelations,” explains Timothy. “Best of all, renovators will then choose to let or sell the properties, giving the estate agent two bites of the cherry.”