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How to sell your business and retire happily

publication date: Jun 1, 2007
author/source: Chegwidden & Co
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How can I retire? What is my business exit route? Who will buy my business?

Many partners, shareholders and sole practitioners will at some stage have considered the answers to the above questions. Some will be clear about their strategy but no doubt many will have had sleepless nights without finding the answer. 

When you decide to retire, sell your business or move on to new pastures it is comforting to know that specialist advice is out there and available to be called upon. Chegwidden & Co is a company of Chartered Accountants who have been established over 50 years and they have a specialist department dealing with sales, mergers and acquisitions of surveying, architectural, property management and other property related businesses. 

Mike Harris FCCA heads the department. He is a qualified accountant with many years experience in business transfer and a specialist in this sector of the market for the last six years. The story began when a surveyor called him one day looking for advice on the sale of his practice. Mike took it on and successfully found a buyer. Realising there was a gap in the market he decided to specialise in this area. Since that day he has personally dealt with and advised more than 100 companies – not only in connection with sales but also in planned acquisitions, business valuations and business consultancy. 

Transactions dealt with range from small practices through to multi-million pound deals, both in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. All clients no matter what their size are treated with the same care and attention. Due to the increased demand for this service Mike is now supported by Paul Beason FRICS who joined Chegwidden & Co last year. Paul is a qualified Surveyor, who up to four years ago ran his own surveying practice before deciding to sell. Indeed, it was Mike Harris who sold his practice! 

As well as his own practice he has also served as a Director on the Board of Management of a national company of Chartered Surveyors. As a result they both believe that they are uniquely placed in this market, having both an Accountant and a Surveyor working together to give the best possible advice to all clients in the property related sector. Paul explained, “Unlike most business transfer agents who will deal with any size or type of business in all business sectors, our clients can expect us to provide in depth knowledge of this specialised market because it is all we deal with. As a result we believe we achieve the best results for all company and practice owners. It goes without saying that all transactions and advice are dealt with in the strictest confidence."

Anyone wanting more information can contact Mike or Paul, and further details of the company can be found at”